Broadband in Inagh & Kilnamona

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Amocom, an Irish wireless broadband provider, have started offering service in parts of Inagh and Kilnamona.

The service they’re offering is a 2Mb download, and 512Kb upload fixed wireless service, and costs €39.99 (incl. VAT) per month. To get the service, you’ll need to have “line of sight” to one of their bases, and the base serving Inagh is on Ben Dash, the lower part of Mount Callan, to the left of the main mountain as you look west.

If you have line of sight, Amocom will install a small aerial outside your home (the size of a small lunchbox) and run a wire to your computer, or some other point, inside your home. You’ll then have an always on, reliable broadband connection.

It is important to differentiate this service from “satellite broadband” and o2/Three 3G “mobile broadband” both of which are inferior technologies. With the fixed wireless access (FWA) service from Amocom, you’ll be able to use VoIP (e.g. Skype), online gaming and work/VPN access much more reliably.

The contention rate (the maximum number of users you’ll share your connection bandwidth with) is 40:1, and there is a 12-month minimum contract.

This is the best broadband deal available in Inagh, and is likely to be for some time.

If you do sign up, please mention in the “Where did you hear about us” field, so that the parish will receive a donation from Amocom.

Further details, or to arrange a site visit/install, can be found on the Amocom website, or by phoning 021 467 1677. If you need independent advice from Cathal Garvey, please call him on his mobile: 086 839 7608.

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