Inagh Development

Inagh Development Ltd is a charitable company, formed to develop the community of Inagh. It is involved in many projects, large and small, some of which are:

  • the building of a new state of the art childcare centre
  • the recent provision of picnic facilities at Clonmackon Lake
  • sponsoring the Fás and RSS schemes for maintaining the village
  • funding of public lighting in the village
  • provision of security alarms for the elderly in our community
  • liaison with the County Council on village renewal works (eg the new carparks)

A number of projects are also carried on in conjunction with our sister company, Inagh Housing Association Ltd.

The Future. Now that the new childcare centre, Inagh Ark Creche, is complete, we will be looking at options for the community centre. These options might include converting part of the building to a day care centre for the elderly and building a new sports hall. We are always looking for people to help and get involved in these projects.